My first ranked story.

I am so excited to do this post because… Wait, first of all, do you see anything cool or awesome in this picture below?



Well, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t see or spot anything cool or awesome, because right now, I’m gonna zoom it for you 😀



Yeah. you see that gorgeous people? My first Werewolf story is being ranked! I know the ranking is like over 600 but to me, it’s something so big that I’m gonna explode right now. None of my stories have been ranked before and now, My Mate’s Choice is 🙂

At first when I started writing My Mate’s Choice, I didn’t think it was gonna be a right choice because to be honest, I’m so bad at imagining things. Stories like werewolves and vampires are all our fantasies and it’s definitely one of mine. It’s gonna be so stupid to say this but look at where my fantasies brought me to right now. Pshhh, I know I’m still in my bed typing this but I feel so so so happy about this ranking.

I know it probably would only last for a tad or so but whilst it’s still been ranked, I just wanted to share it with all of you and I hope you guys are as happy for me 🙂

Ranked : Werewolf #652 on 2nd February.