3 good news in a week! I’m definitely a grateful girl!

I know I know guys, You guys are probably tired of me posting this but I’m so happy. I want to someday, read through my blog and see that I’ve had all of these achievements on Wattpad. I’m so tired after school and I had to do some assignments but of course, I had to stop by Wattpad. Read on to know because I promise to keep this post as short and sweet as possible 🙂



I am so excited to share about this one. This was the only which caught my attention but because I wanted to post this up, I decided, I should post the other 2 good news as well. Anyway now, I am not only ranked on Werewolf but on Teen Fiction as well.  Guys, this only encourage me a lot more to write about werewolf and probably a real proper teen fic as well. I never thought my stories would ever be ranked but now, this story has two ranks on it. Oh yeah! Thank you so much everyone for helping achieve this good news for me to share 🙂



This is the second good news! I Want To Be Mrs Horan is one of my beloved written stories and now I have over 100k reads for it. I hope it reaches 2k votes soon. I’m not sure if I’d make a post for the 2k votes or you guys might get bored of my blog already >.< But anyway, I Want To Be Mrs Horan is about a year old now. I started writing in March 2013 and I’m so happy that many people enjoyed this story and they took the time to vote and comment and personal message me that they really enjoyed my story a lot. Thank you so much to everyone who’re a part of this achievement with me. I wouldn’t be able to make this post without your support 🙂



People might think that after being 17 months on Wattpad and only receiving 5k votes is actually nothing or too little or whatever. But this… this is so huuuuuge for me! I never even thought I would reach a thousand but now I have five thousand. I hope the number of votes will gain over time and I promise I’d continue writing good and hopefully awesome stories to make the votes rise.


Thank you so much everyone, I love you.