Hate and feelings.

So I have never tell anybody my name, my story and whoever real I am but the last time I checked was I am a human and I do have feelings.

Many of you might not have known about this and this is not my attention to bring up the past slash my very very bad experience and moment. I was in depression at one point of time and the only ‘place’ for me to rant was on Wattpad and since then, people only condemned me more. I had to be away from Wattpad for a while and after everything else was deleted, then I came back.

I am coping well with my depression now. However, there are still times where people words about me affect me a lot. I shall not put up the story about this group of friends in my class that has been insulting me.

But I just wanna share something. Recently I have been receiving quite an amount of hate on Wattpad of people calling me a pig, a bitch. One thing for sure, nobody likes to be called like this. And I am going to be honest that they are very hurting. I must say it is very hard to cope when I am receiving hates on both side of my world; reality and Wattpad. Well, not that Wattpad was a fantasy. But people used to be very nice on Wattpad until now.


It all started with a comment or rather a part of my IWTBMH story where I made remarks about gay. I’m sorry that if they are very offensive because to be honest, I didn’t have any intention to insult them or whatsoever. The story has been up for almost a year and only now that people wanted to bring the matter up and started scolding and insulting me. I have explained myself numerous time and the reason why I didn’t put the sentence down was because I am confident of my explanation. But people, well people was calling me pigs because I dislike their indifferent love – like the claimed. All I know, I have explained myself and that is all.

But other than this part, I still receive some other hates from other stories/chapters which I totally do not understand why. Why can’t people just ask me nicely? What is so hard about that?


I know this will sound very childish/selfish but I really feel like stopping my activities on Wattpad. Should I ever need to receive any hate, I guess the people in my school are enough to provide me those. Wattpad has been really good to me the previous time before all the other people did. Even if I don’t stop my activities now, I will one day for sure, but for now, I guess I will just leave it to be and for people to probably want to judge.

I may only be 17 years young but that period of time was all I need that my feelings never matter.


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