Ranked #386!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t update my blog since forever. LOL. I can’t remember when was the last time I updated here because I was super super busy. But actually, my priority every weekend is to update my stories. It’s part of my responsibility and I do not want to disappoint my readers if I stopped updating or put the story on hold.

Anyway, here I am with a very very good and happy news!

My Mate’s Choice actually went past the rank #400 and now standing at #386! I am super excited about it. Just last night I checked it and it was at #500 but the rank went higher when I woke up this morning.



Thank you so much everyone who has been reading and voting. I don’t get much comments but nonetheless, thank you so much for whatever that you have done to make my story stand up there at #386.

Also, my total votes is close to getting to 5000 and my Niall fan-fic is close to 100k reads. Words can’t explain my happiness and I’m just thankful to be here on this site. Thank you everybody ❤