my Recent updates/talks/rants.

I haven’t update the blog in forever. Sorry, I’ve been busy coping with schools and updating My Mate’s Choice and Long Distance at the same time. Also, I can’t resist reading the book I have in hand at the moment. In any case that you don’t know, you can call me a nerd because I literally can’t live without proper books. That is also why I haven’t been doing much reading on Wattpad and voting and commenting on other people’s stories. But hey, my effort do count in for updating the two stories that I still have hanging

Anyway, I think Long Distance is not having a good response? I guess people are lazy to read this story because I’m updating it too slowly. I can’t help it, not being able to find the time and I really hate to put my stories on hold. So I’m still trying…. you see? Urgh, whatever 😦 On the other hand, I see that My Mate’s Choice did get some response. When I first started doing planning for the story, I didn’t think I would get any response because most of my followers are directioners or I guess people of a fanclub. But I’m glad My Mate’s Choice received some votes and even though there isn’t much of a comment, I know I have readers for that story 🙂 Thank you people, I love you guys.

Now, I’m gonna go sidetrack from anything gotta do with Wattpad. I’m a little upset lately after reading the news that The Wanted was gonna take a break or rather split for a second or something along those lines. I mean, I get it that they are only taking a break for a while but it still upsets me. We wouldn’t know what would happen in between the times that they are taking their break. I didn’t realize that they have this big impact to me until I heard about this news. It’s just so sad. And I have my pieces ass of friends who mocked me because apparently my dearest TW is splitting. Seriously, they should just urghhhhh.


But nonetheless, I would still love them just as much or even more ❤


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