Happy New Year!



I can’t believe it’s 2014 already. I think 2013 went by too fast but when I look back at what happened in within 2013, I realized I’ve learned a lot of things in many different form such as; I learned new things on writing skills for my stories on Wattpad, I concentrated more in school and learned many other things that I should have years ago (when I didn’t pay attention) and I learned to be myself.

We all sure had our ups and downs in 2013 and I very well had mine. When those happened, I thought, 2013 was my worst year and I hate it and so on and so forth but right now, sitting here on my bed and writing this, I realized, I actually loved 2013 a lot.

I learned not to pleased other people too much because that will only make them satisfied and demand for more. I just learned to be simple and myself and whether people like it or not, that is really up to them and whatever they want to comment, I shall just let the wind push them away to another side of the world.

But one of the really good things that I love about 2013 is that I totally developed my likings for reading even more and also writing. I spend almost every day writing and coming up with something good for my awesome wattpaders. Every day before school, I would at least spend an hour in writing – even if that means I had to get up a few hours earlier and my house was eerily quiet.

So now that it is 2014 already, I hope I would maintain my writing skills and of course read more (both in stories and studies). I also just want to be better generally and of course, ace in my studies.

I hope you guys had a pleasant 2013 and may 2014 be a good and better year than before ❤

Much love.


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