my Recent updates/talks/rants.

I haven’t update the blog in forever. Sorry, I’ve been busy coping with schools and updating My Mate’s Choice and Long Distance at the same time. Also, I can’t resist reading the book I have in hand at the moment. In any case that you don’t know, you can call me a nerd because I literally can’t live without proper books. That is also why I haven’t been doing much reading on Wattpad and voting and commenting on other people’s stories. But hey, my effort do count in for updating the two stories that I still have hanging

Anyway, I think Long Distance is not having a good response? I guess people are lazy to read this story because I’m updating it too slowly. I can’t help it, not being able to find the time and I really hate to put my stories on hold. So I’m still trying…. you see? Urgh, whatever 😦 On the other hand, I see that My Mate’s Choice did get some response. When I first started doing planning for the story, I didn’t think I would get any response because most of my followers are directioners or I guess people of a fanclub. But I’m glad My Mate’s Choice received some votes and even though there isn’t much of a comment, I know I have readers for that story 🙂 Thank you people, I love you guys.

Now, I’m gonna go sidetrack from anything gotta do with Wattpad. I’m a little upset lately after reading the news that The Wanted was gonna take a break or rather split for a second or something along those lines. I mean, I get it that they are only taking a break for a while but it still upsets me. We wouldn’t know what would happen in between the times that they are taking their break. I didn’t realize that they have this big impact to me until I heard about this news. It’s just so sad. And I have my pieces ass of friends who mocked me because apparently my dearest TW is splitting. Seriously, they should just urghhhhh.


But nonetheless, I would still love them just as much or even more ❤


I’m sorry.

Hey guys, this is gonna be some short entry to clarify certain things.

I’ve been really busy since school have started and I found myself not being able to even peek in anything in my laptop. I only could check some mails through my phone and that’s about it. So, that is the reason why I haven’t been updating and writing. School lives are always hectic and once I’m done with school, there’s a pile of work to do and then by then, I’m sleepy.

So I really would like to apologize for the lack of updates and late reply on the comments. I’m sorry to have to let you guys keep waiting for updates. I’m trying my best to write in through my phone and then update them every weekend so that at least, the chapters wouldn’t be so short.

I hope you guys aren’t mad or get very impatient about it. 😦


Happy New Year!



I can’t believe it’s 2014 already. I think 2013 went by too fast but when I look back at what happened in within 2013, I realized I’ve learned a lot of things in many different form such as; I learned new things on writing skills for my stories on Wattpad, I concentrated more in school and learned many other things that I should have years ago (when I didn’t pay attention) and I learned to be myself.

We all sure had our ups and downs in 2013 and I very well had mine. When those happened, I thought, 2013 was my worst year and I hate it and so on and so forth but right now, sitting here on my bed and writing this, I realized, I actually loved 2013 a lot.

I learned not to pleased other people too much because that will only make them satisfied and demand for more. I just learned to be simple and myself and whether people like it or not, that is really up to them and whatever they want to comment, I shall just let the wind push them away to another side of the world.

But one of the really good things that I love about 2013 is that I totally developed my likings for reading even more and also writing. I spend almost every day writing and coming up with something good for my awesome wattpaders. Every day before school, I would at least spend an hour in writing – even if that means I had to get up a few hours earlier and my house was eerily quiet.

So now that it is 2014 already, I hope I would maintain my writing skills and of course read more (both in stories and studies). I also just want to be better generally and of course, ace in my studies.

I hope you guys had a pleasant 2013 and may 2014 be a good and better year than before ❤

Much love.