New Story Ideas.

Hello everyone, so I hope all of you are having a good time up to this of the year. Sure there was up and downs, you know the bumps, throughout the year but look! We’re getting to the end of the year and I think time past really fast.

So anyway, I haven’t update in a while and I thought I might just post something that I’d like to share…

I have so many story ideas at the moment and I just know that I won’t be able to complete them within the end of 2014. The holidays made me come out with so many different story ideas that I hope would have some reads in the future and supports.

I currently have two stories that are ongoing and not completed yet. They are The Mate’s Choice and Long Distance (which I just posted a few days ago). And then I have 3 more stories which currently are still in planning/setting. Other than that, I haven’t make any progress in those 3 because I keep coming out with new and another story ideas.

But whatever… I’m gonna try my best to work on them despite my busy schedule next year that I could already guess.

I have a few of other fan-fictions and teen-fictions that has got nothing to do with 1D and I hope, I’d still get readers for that.

That’s all I have now and sorry if the post is a little or so boring. I’m quite tired over here, behind the screen. So yeah. I’m just gonna go have a nap real quick. Other than that, goodbye and take care 🙂 x



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