Reasons behind my characters…

Based on the stories, I Want To Be Mrs Horan and it’s sequel, My Only Mrs Horan~

So I actually started writing about IWTBMH in March and at that point of time, I was always viewing pictures of babies on Instagram and I found one of this baby that was fighting cancer at the age of not even one. From one cancer baby, it led me to another and I find it very sad that these babies had to suffer from cancer and many other sickness when they were just born. But I totally admire their strength as a baby to fight through those damn sickness and their parents for not giving up on their little kids.

I had also seen a picture on twitter whereby this cancer girl wrote on her whiteboard ‘Retweet so that One Direction know I wanna meet them.’ Now, that picture/words inspires the whole story of I Want To Be Mrs Horan. I didn’t follow that girl but I retweeted the picture. I hope she gets to see One Direction someday.

1) Amy was inspired by these little kids. I build a strong character of her to fight her cancer and hope that these children that I have been following their lives and story about would be just as strong and kick cancer or any other sickness that they have, in the ass.

One of the baby girl that I have been following her story is Alyna Marie. If you’d like to send her some love, you can click here. ♥

Along with following a few pages of babies/toddlers fighting with cancer, I also came across videos like ’16 and pregnant’. These videos are not something that we should make fun of. These mother-to-be teenagers had to have a lot of courage to make a video to inspire other teens mom. People might condemn them and whatsoever but I think these teenagers; when they decide not to give up on their children slash having an abortion, it’s something we should looked up to.

2) Megan came into my mind after watching a few of these ’16 and pregnant’ videos. I’m not trying to make her as a saint because she’s nice and kind and wanted to do everything for her daughter. But in her character, she was like a saint – because she wanted the best for her daughter (it’s something all mothers want) and she had to be like one and have a very high level of patience because her daughter had cancer and she didn’t want her daughter -Amy- to feel like she was a burden. The last thing we should do is to demotivate a cancer patient (be it young or old) to live.


Paige Thomas & Daughter.

I’ve always looked up to single parent be it whether you’re a single mother or father. One of the roles I followed; Paige Thomas.

Niall : I’m the type of guy who could fall in love with any girl, because I love with my heart and not my eyes.

3) I don’t really have a reason behind Niall’s character in my story because it’s a fan-ficton and Niall Horan really exist. I just didn’t make him the best of the best character because I don’t want my Niall (in the story) to be like some celebs who thinks that they are the goddess when they are at the top. I made him struggle in his love life which shows that even when he’s at the top, not everything can make him happy. But I did use a bit of his quote (which is written up there) because instead of falling in love with normal girl/teenagers, he fell in love with a single mom.

4) I came up with Amanda’s character based on a bit of personal reasons and experience. I had her character along with her mom and dad in my story to let people know that these kind of people really do exist; such that they would do everything and anything that they want/desire so badly or basically just to bring other people down.

And that’s basically it. (I didn’t bold Amanda’s reason because she’s not important and she’s got a lot of haters in the comments section. LOL) But don’t worry, I dislike her too.

I came up with ‘Reason behind my characters…’ is so that I would share with the readers of IWTBMH & MOMH on how I really came up with the idea of having this story because -I don’t know about what you think- but the story isn’t just about love between teens/couples. I had my reasons behind them.



** Both I Want To Be Mrs Horan and My Only Mrs Horan has reached over 1000 votes. Thank you lovelies! **


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