Niall’s Horan story came to an end.

Hey guys!

Finally, after so long, my first Niall Horan’s fan fiction (I Want To Be Mrs Horan & My Only Mrs Horan) has come to an end. I’m not saying finally because I’m happy that it’s over. I do a little because that only means that I can work on a new story. Especially because I’m not the kind of writer on wattpad that can write multiple stories at a time. They will only ended up not updated at all.

So anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who have read and voted and commented – basically helping me out through the whole entire story. I wrote the first story and I received comments and support from people who wanted to read a second one and I wanna say that I’m glad. It only means that I really do have people who enjoyed my story.

Say for other of my stories, I’d thank like one or two people because I could easily remember them as the only one who supported my stories and my writing but for Niall’s fanfic, I’m proud to say that I have more than just two supporting readers. I’m sorry I couldn’t remember all of your usernames to thank all of you personally. But, thank you so much regardless. Even to the silent readers, thank you.

I’m glad I came out with this story because writing this story let me gained more votes and followers and especially friends on Wattpad. I’m no longer a foreigner there with just one good friend but I have a few now and I’m so glad. I’d probably create another post for the reason why I wrote this story and the characters used (aside from Niall Horan).

So,,, I hope my readers would read this post and know how truly thankful I am for all of you 🙂 x

Love, Ree.


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