1 Year Anniversary.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

I honestly at first, a year ago wasn’t expecting myself to be writing this. Yes, 1 Year Anniversary on Wattpad. But I made it to 1 year, staying on Wattpad, coming up with a few stories, gaining a few followers and also loyal readers. I also made some friends which I am very grateful of.

I no longer am talking to my good friend whom encouraged me to write at first but that won’t stop me from continue to write. Writing has always been my passion and I wasn’t planning to stop even if I have someone or something to bring me down. I am not planning to go far with writing but I am happy enough to be writing my ideas on Wattpad even though they are mostly fan-fiction which many people would say unrealistic.

I remembered writing my first fan-fic. I kept updating and updating – sometimes even three times within 24 hours because I wanted to so badly gain readers and votes. I posted it on discussion boards, and on other user’s message board. I made a twitter account and followed people and tell them about my oh-not-so-good fanfic. I wanted nothing at that point of time instead of getting readers, votes, comments just so I know that at least a soul was reading my story.

I’m not trying to boast but right now, I gotta say I am proud of myself at the 200+ fans and 2k+ votes that I received. And I have people leaving comments – both good and bad on my stories. Good ones always encourages me even more while the bad ones help me learn from my mistakes.

I ‘survived’ 1 whole year with no one’s support at first until I gained a few followers. None of my friends nor family members know about me writing online except my sister because I always had to borrow her laptop to update my stories. Other than that, at first I was on my own but I’m glad I didn’t give up halfway.

I’m hoping another year to come, I would be able to still write something like this post and gain more and more votes, readers and followers. Also, to come up with -realistic- stories.

Lastly, I’d like to say Thank You to everyone who has been reading my stories, voting and commenting. Or, I should say for being my ‘pillar’ to continue being on Wattpad. 

Thank you, I’m so grateful.

ImageImage– snapshot as of 13 November 2012 (1 year) –



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