Long Distance Contest ♥

Hello! So, I wanted to post this for quite some time already but I didn’t have the time to as I’ve been busy with other than updating on my incomplete stories on Wattpad, I was also wanting to finish this awesome book that I borrowed from the library.

Anyway, yes as the tittle says, I’m gonna post a some sort of a contest on this entry and the rewards -slash- prize would be, you’ll be the first one to read the summary OR prologue of my new fan fiction called Long Distance. It’s a Zayn Malik Fan Fiction. So if you’d like to be the first one to read a bit about it, carry on reading here to know about the contest’s gonna work.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna have people entering this but I’m hoping and so, here we go…


All you have to do is send me a message on my message board on Wattpad or comment down below this post, saying…

1) What do you like about my story, and why?

2) Who is your favourite character, and why?

You can answer these two questions based on any of my stories. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a 1D fan-fiction or not.

Your entry must be in a minimum of ten words and no maximum words, so you can write a whole paragraph for me 😉 Only one entry per story. Winners will be chosen from my heart (LOL) on the most creative answers.

There will be two winners – first and second. The first one will get to read the prologue while the second one gets to read the summary. The date when I’ll pick the winners, to be confirmed.

Let’s say you don’t want people to somehow copy your entry, you can easily private message me on Wattpad (as well) your entry and it will be counted as well.

So if you love Zayn Malik or One Direction in general, I hope you’re interested in entering this small contest 🙂

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Call me ungrateful or whatsoever but that’s basically how I am feeling… That people are reading my stories because they like or even love the celebrity I was writing on.

I’m gonna start planning a few other stories that has got nothing to do with celebrities with hope that I would get readers as well.

I hope people will still support me even if my stories are not fan-fiction.

1 Year Anniversary.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

I honestly at first, a year ago wasn’t expecting myself to be writing this. Yes, 1 Year Anniversary on Wattpad. But I made it to 1 year, staying on Wattpad, coming up with a few stories, gaining a few followers and also loyal readers. I also made some friends which I am very grateful of.

I no longer am talking to my good friend whom encouraged me to write at first but that won’t stop me from continue to write. Writing has always been my passion and I wasn’t planning to stop even if I have someone or something to bring me down. I am not planning to go far with writing but I am happy enough to be writing my ideas on Wattpad even though they are mostly fan-fiction which many people would say unrealistic.

I remembered writing my first fan-fic. I kept updating and updating – sometimes even three times within 24 hours because I wanted to so badly gain readers and votes. I posted it on discussion boards, and on other user’s message board. I made a twitter account and followed people and tell them about my oh-not-so-good fanfic. I wanted nothing at that point of time instead of getting readers, votes, comments just so I know that at least a soul was reading my story.

I’m not trying to boast but right now, I gotta say I am proud of myself at the 200+ fans and 2k+ votes that I received. And I have people leaving comments – both good and bad on my stories. Good ones always encourages me even more while the bad ones help me learn from my mistakes.

I ‘survived’ 1 whole year with no one’s support at first until I gained a few followers. None of my friends nor family members know about me writing online except my sister because I always had to borrow her laptop to update my stories. Other than that, at first I was on my own but I’m glad I didn’t give up halfway.

I’m hoping another year to come, I would be able to still write something like this post and gain more and more votes, readers and followers. Also, to come up with -realistic- stories.

Lastly, I’d like to say Thank You to everyone who has been reading my stories, voting and commenting. Or, I should say for being my ‘pillar’ to continue being on Wattpad. 

Thank you, I’m so grateful.

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So when I first started writing on Wattpad, I was actually quite disappointed that my story didn’t go popular and I had to try so hard to let people know that I had a story written for you people to read. I didn’t stop trying, promoting the fanfiction on the discussions board, creating new twitter account and followed people, telling them I have a story and would like them to check it out.

I also have a few new friends on wattpad and they were always supporting me, reading and commenting. Basically, encouraging me to continue writing. Even if I haven’t been talking to these people, I still do remember them. I have forgotten her username but her name was Nicki if I’m not wrong. She was always talking to me on the comment sections and she supported two of my stories; Fall For You and Found & Taken.

I’m almost one year on wattpad and guess what, I have kept this secret for almost a year. No one and believe me, none of my friends know that I am actually posting things on wattpad. First of all, I am so afraid of people judging me face to face with what I had written. I guess, reading insulted comments would be better than having the people that I know insulting me for the things that I write. That was why I kept it as a secret. Secondly, another friend of mine also wrote a story and she didn’t get much views and reads and votes and my another friend actually made a comment such as her writing wasn’t good. So yeah, that’s the second things I’m being afraid of; condemned.

But now, I’m not going to go on about my personal lives. This post is to let you know how I am so overwhelm by the number of reads and votes I have now. And I’m going to focus on I Want To Be Mrs Horan and My Only Mrs Horan. IWTBMH now has over 50k reads and 900 votes. As for My Only Mrs Horan; it has now over 9k reads and 500 votes. It may look like a small amount to all those great writers but people like me, those are big amount.

Previously, trying to gain 10 reads and 1 vote would be a difficult thing to achieve but now, it’s no longer the same thing. I’m not trying to say that I became good over time. I still had to promote my stories all around wattpad to get people to read. But what I’m trying to say is that, Never Give Up. I have people telling me that they wish they were like me but I’d say that’s nonsensical. I still have a lot to learn and my grammar… they are horrendous. I have people editing every chapter for me before I posted them out. So…don’t be like me. LOL.

But it does encourage me even more when people said my writing is good and they are inspired by my story. It made me proud and I’d want to keep writing until I forget how to. It’s something I’d like to achieve in life. I ever told my mom once that I wanted to be a writer and she said, ‘Writer’s don’t earn much.’ True enough. Let’s take my writing for example. I don’t earn much money or even any money in writing the stories out. But I am satisfied. Yes, satisfaction wouldn’t be able to feed me food or buy me things but the thought of knowing people are interested in my writing made me happy. And it made me even happier when I know I had someone given an emotion into one when they read my story.

That’s why I am still writing and didn’t give up.<3