New, Old.

I’ve deleted the story; House of Love – Harry Styles on wattpad. I actually thought I really was spending a waste of three months trying to complete the story. I should and might as well write a better story. Anyway, while I was writing, I already got a feeling that the story wouldn’t really got to some hits point and let me ‘earn’ more votes.

I was inspired to write House of Love after several physical books about children and foster carer. And also after I watched ‘One Way or Another’ music video where the One Direction boys interacted with children.

I assumed people/readers would prefer reading about love instead of about or something related to children. I honestly prefer something with romance in it, but with a little about children wouldn’t be a problem but I know that House of Love had too little of ‘love content’ in it, therefore making people uninterested except two people; @HNlazy and @jade_huynh1. They were the only two who were always there, voting and commenting on House of Love and for that I am so thankful.

But I apologize for having to delete the story. It just gives me more ‘room’ for new stories. I’ll have a new Harry Styles Fan Fiction coming soon, to replace House of Love. Oh, I am planning to have each of the One Direction boys fan fiction up. We’re down with Liam and Niall. Three more to go but I am not making any promises when the other three will be up. Probably in 2014.

Oh and speaking about ‘Liam’ and ‘Niall’; Liam’s fan fiction – Fall For You has gotten over 60K reads and 700 votes. I am so grateful for that. It was my very first story, my first fan fiction that was supported by my pen-friend. While, My Only Mrs Horan (sequel to I Want To Be Mrs Horan has gotten over 7k reads and 300 votes. I am so happy about it. Wait, happy is an understatement. I’m overwhelm.

I’m coming up with a new story called My Mate’s Choice and it’s a werewolf story. It will be my first time writing a werewolf story but I really hope it will turn out to be a good one, at least. I haven’t start updating them but I will, soon enough.

I also have a few more ideas of new stories (not fan fiction) and I hope to find more time to able me to start my planing for each of them 🙂


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