What’s new?

Alright so let’s get to the point. What’s new?

I entered I Want To Be Mrs Horan into the Watty Awards 2013 under PopFic – One Direction. I know the story is nothing compared to the other stories that has over million reads but I really would love to give a try. This story is the one which made me achieved over total of 1k votes, gained more followers and also the best that people have read. I had people personal messaging me and even dedicating their chapter to me because they said my writing actually inspired them. I thought it was a really good ‘exchange’. I inspired them with my writing and they inspired me with their comments.

I am actually so grateful with the people who have been supporting me through comments, votes and of course the reads. I wouldn’t be making a sequel if the first one didn’t turn out well. But I really have to apologize if the second actually didn’t turn out as good as the first one. I honestly have to say that they might not be good due to the disruptions I have in between when writing them. Urgh. I hate to admit that but I really am sorry about it.

Anyway I am so close to achieving my goals which are 200 followers and 2k votes by 13 November (the date I entered myself into the Wattpad world). I am so grateful with the number of votes and followers I am having now nonetheless.

Oh and lastly, I might be coming up with a new story soon. It might be a One Direction Fanfiction or something else but I’d be sure to announce it on wattpad. I’m gonna have to start on my planning soon. So yeah, take care 🙂

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