Back and Deleted.

I haven’t been updating for two weeks. Wow. Two weeks. And of course, I wasn’t talking about this blog. I was talking about wattpad. That was like the longest time I took without any updates and I am so so sorry about it.

I really hate it when I am reading an ongoing stories and the writer takes forever to update. That is why I am always trying my best to update regularly despite of my busy schedule. However, I really had to ‘abandoned’ my story for awhile due to my major exams but it’s done now and I’m back and am on holiday. Yay!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I posted a new fan-fiction which I was supposed to start updating once my exams are finished. But it was now gone because I decided to delete it away. And here’s my explanation.

Well, it was a The Wanted Fan Fiction (Jay McGuiness) called Not For Me. I had it all planned out and I have also written a few chapters of it -drafts of course-. I had done my ‘mind map’ for the story and had the characters all listed up. But recently, I found out that Jay is dating a fan (and I got so heartbroken – LOL) as well as Nathan. And I believed everyone should know that Nathan is with that Ariana girl.

I obviously couldn’t be angry at them for being in a relationship. In my story, I had planned that Nathan will be Ariana as a couple for my story and I wasn’t expecting those two to be real (ohmygoodness) but they did. I was quite okay first until I found out that A (shortform of her name) actually cheated on her ex-boyfriend to be with Nathan. I instantly got angry and I didn’t feel like writing the story anymore. It just got on my nerves. Call me overreacting or whatsoever but I really have zero tolerant with cheating during relationships.

So I felt like if I were to continue the story, and have Nathan and A as a couple in my story, I was happy with their relationship when I definitely am not because I read how disappointed and upset A’s ex-boyfriend is like.


Well, that’s about that. I didn’t mean to insult any fans of any fandom when I said all these things. It’s just my explanation on why I decided to delete my supposedly new fan-fiction. As well as to say that I am back with updates on current story.

So, stay tune!


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