New, Old.

I’ve deleted the story; House of Love – Harry Styles on wattpad. I actually thought I really was spending a waste of three months trying to complete the story. I should and might as well write a better story. Anyway, while I was writing, I already got a feeling that the story wouldn’t really got to some hits point and let me ‘earn’ more votes.

I was inspired to write House of Love after several physical books about children and foster carer. And also after I watched ‘One Way or Another’ music video where the One Direction boys interacted with children.

I assumed people/readers would prefer reading about love instead of about or something related to children. I honestly prefer something with romance in it, but with a little about children wouldn’t be a problem but I know that House of Love had too little of ‘love content’ in it, therefore making people uninterested except two people; @HNlazy and @jade_huynh1. They were the only two who were always there, voting and commenting on House of Love and for that I am so thankful.

But I apologize for having to delete the story. It just gives me more ‘room’ for new stories. I’ll have a new Harry Styles Fan Fiction coming soon, to replace House of Love. Oh, I am planning to have each of the One Direction boys fan fiction up. We’re down with Liam and Niall. Three more to go but I am not making any promises when the other three will be up. Probably in 2014.

Oh and speaking about ‘Liam’ and ‘Niall’; Liam’s fan fiction – Fall For You has gotten over 60K reads and 700 votes. I am so grateful for that. It was my very first story, my first fan fiction that was supported by my pen-friend. While, My Only Mrs Horan (sequel to I Want To Be Mrs Horan has gotten over 7k reads and 300 votes. I am so happy about it. Wait, happy is an understatement. I’m overwhelm.

I’m coming up with a new story called My Mate’s Choice and it’s a werewolf story. It will be my first time writing a werewolf story but I really hope it will turn out to be a good one, at least. I haven’t start updating them but I will, soon enough.

I also have a few more ideas of new stories (not fan fiction) and I hope to find more time to able me to start my planing for each of them 🙂


Goals Achieved.

I’m gonna make this short and simple. It’s a few days away until my first year ‘birthday/anniversary’ on wattpad but I already have gotten what I wanted.

During a short period of time when I took a break due to school and exams, I posted on my message board, saying that I’d like to have 200 followers and the total of 2k votes by 13 November 13(my first year). My last post on wordpress said that I was close to getting them but now, I really have achieved them.



I am so grateful that I achieved this. Maybe some other people might think that 202 followers and 2015 votes are actually a small amount of followers/votes but they mean a whole lot more to me. I promise not to disappoint as much. Thank you so much 🙂 x

What’s new?

Alright so let’s get to the point. What’s new?

I entered I Want To Be Mrs Horan into the Watty Awards 2013 under PopFic – One Direction. I know the story is nothing compared to the other stories that has over million reads but I really would love to give a try. This story is the one which made me achieved over total of 1k votes, gained more followers and also the best that people have read. I had people personal messaging me and even dedicating their chapter to me because they said my writing actually inspired them. I thought it was a really good ‘exchange’. I inspired them with my writing and they inspired me with their comments.

I am actually so grateful with the people who have been supporting me through comments, votes and of course the reads. I wouldn’t be making a sequel if the first one didn’t turn out well. But I really have to apologize if the second actually didn’t turn out as good as the first one. I honestly have to say that they might not be good due to the disruptions I have in between when writing them. Urgh. I hate to admit that but I really am sorry about it.

Anyway I am so close to achieving my goals which are 200 followers and 2k votes by 13 November (the date I entered myself into the Wattpad world). I am so grateful with the number of votes and followers I am having now nonetheless.

Oh and lastly, I might be coming up with a new story soon. It might be a One Direction Fanfiction or something else but I’d be sure to announce it on wattpad. I’m gonna have to start on my planning soon. So yeah, take care 🙂

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Back and Deleted.

I haven’t been updating for two weeks. Wow. Two weeks. And of course, I wasn’t talking about this blog. I was talking about wattpad. That was like the longest time I took without any updates and I am so so sorry about it.

I really hate it when I am reading an ongoing stories and the writer takes forever to update. That is why I am always trying my best to update regularly despite of my busy schedule. However, I really had to ‘abandoned’ my story for awhile due to my major exams but it’s done now and I’m back and am on holiday. Yay!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I posted a new fan-fiction which I was supposed to start updating once my exams are finished. But it was now gone because I decided to delete it away. And here’s my explanation.

Well, it was a The Wanted Fan Fiction (Jay McGuiness) called Not For Me. I had it all planned out and I have also written a few chapters of it -drafts of course-. I had done my ‘mind map’ for the story and had the characters all listed up. But recently, I found out that Jay is dating a fan (and I got so heartbroken – LOL) as well as Nathan. And I believed everyone should know that Nathan is with that Ariana girl.

I obviously couldn’t be angry at them for being in a relationship. In my story, I had planned that Nathan will be Ariana as a couple for my story and I wasn’t expecting those two to be real (ohmygoodness) but they did. I was quite okay first until I found out that A (shortform of her name) actually cheated on her ex-boyfriend to be with Nathan. I instantly got angry and I didn’t feel like writing the story anymore. It just got on my nerves. Call me overreacting or whatsoever but I really have zero tolerant with cheating during relationships.

So I felt like if I were to continue the story, and have Nathan and A as a couple in my story, I was happy with their relationship when I definitely am not because I read how disappointed and upset A’s ex-boyfriend is like.


Well, that’s about that. I didn’t mean to insult any fans of any fandom when I said all these things. It’s just my explanation on why I decided to delete my supposedly new fan-fiction. As well as to say that I am back with updates on current story.

So, stay tune!