My Mate’s Choice at 1K



Hi guys, just a very short post. I am very excited to share that My Mate’s Choice is already at it’s 1K votes. You people are so amazing that we made it this much. Thank you so much for supporting me and reading my stories and always leaving me nice comments (and even personal messages as well).

You guys are amazing, I love you guys.


Busy days…

Hey guys 🙂 How is it going for you guys?

Mine has been really hectic with a lot of things and I was just updating my planner and I realized that I’ll be really really busy for the next couple of months.

This means that I will not be able to update as much as I usually does. I even lost track of the last time I update the only ongoing story I have right now; My Mate’s Choice.

Therefore, I’m just gonna inform that I will be going ‘missing-in-action’ for a few months until November because my schedule are gonna be packed until then.

Anyway, in these few months that I am not updating or going ‘missing’, I will still try my best to write a bit or rather plan for a new story, especially the ones that many of you are requesting for – the sequel to Long Distance. I still do not have any final decision but I will try my best.

I also might bring House of Love back, but in a different format or so. Still no final decision but I promise, I will try my best because you guys want to see/read all of these.

So… that’s all for my update this time. I’ll be back 🙂

Hate and feelings.

So I have never tell anybody my name, my story and whoever real I am but the last time I checked was I am a human and I do have feelings.

Many of you might not have known about this and this is not my attention to bring up the past slash my very very bad experience and moment. I was in depression at one point of time and the only ‘place’ for me to rant was on Wattpad and since then, people only condemned me more. I had to be away from Wattpad for a while and after everything else was deleted, then I came back.

I am coping well with my depression now. However, there are still times where people words about me affect me a lot. I shall not put up the story about this group of friends in my class that has been insulting me.

But I just wanna share something. Recently I have been receiving quite an amount of hate on Wattpad of people calling me a pig, a bitch. One thing for sure, nobody likes to be called like this. And I am going to be honest that they are very hurting. I must say it is very hard to cope when I am receiving hates on both side of my world; reality and Wattpad. Well, not that Wattpad was a fantasy. But people used to be very nice on Wattpad until now.


It all started with a comment or rather a part of my IWTBMH story where I made remarks about gay. I’m sorry that if they are very offensive because to be honest, I didn’t have any intention to insult them or whatsoever. The story has been up for almost a year and only now that people wanted to bring the matter up and started scolding and insulting me. I have explained myself numerous time and the reason why I didn’t put the sentence down was because I am confident of my explanation. But people, well people was calling me pigs because I dislike their indifferent love – like the claimed. All I know, I have explained myself and that is all.

But other than this part, I still receive some other hates from other stories/chapters which I totally do not understand why. Why can’t people just ask me nicely? What is so hard about that?


I know this will sound very childish/selfish but I really feel like stopping my activities on Wattpad. Should I ever need to receive any hate, I guess the people in my school are enough to provide me those. Wattpad has been really good to me the previous time before all the other people did. Even if I don’t stop my activities now, I will one day for sure, but for now, I guess I will just leave it to be and for people to probably want to judge.

I may only be 17 years young but that period of time was all I need that my feelings never matter.

3 good news in a week! I’m definitely a grateful girl!

I know I know guys, You guys are probably tired of me posting this but I’m so happy. I want to someday, read through my blog and see that I’ve had all of these achievements on Wattpad. I’m so tired after school and I had to do some assignments but of course, I had to stop by Wattpad. Read on to know because I promise to keep this post as short and sweet as possible 🙂



I am so excited to share about this one. This was the only which caught my attention but because I wanted to post this up, I decided, I should post the other 2 good news as well. Anyway now, I am not only ranked on Werewolf but on Teen Fiction as well.  Guys, this only encourage me a lot more to write about werewolf and probably a real proper teen fic as well. I never thought my stories would ever be ranked but now, this story has two ranks on it. Oh yeah! Thank you so much everyone for helping achieve this good news for me to share 🙂



This is the second good news! I Want To Be Mrs Horan is one of my beloved written stories and now I have over 100k reads for it. I hope it reaches 2k votes soon. I’m not sure if I’d make a post for the 2k votes or you guys might get bored of my blog already >.< But anyway, I Want To Be Mrs Horan is about a year old now. I started writing in March 2013 and I’m so happy that many people enjoyed this story and they took the time to vote and comment and personal message me that they really enjoyed my story a lot. Thank you so much to everyone who’re a part of this achievement with me. I wouldn’t be able to make this post without your support 🙂



People might think that after being 17 months on Wattpad and only receiving 5k votes is actually nothing or too little or whatever. But this… this is so huuuuuge for me! I never even thought I would reach a thousand but now I have five thousand. I hope the number of votes will gain over time and I promise I’d continue writing good and hopefully awesome stories to make the votes rise.


Thank you so much everyone, I love you.

Ranked #386!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t update my blog since forever. LOL. I can’t remember when was the last time I updated here because I was super super busy. But actually, my priority every weekend is to update my stories. It’s part of my responsibility and I do not want to disappoint my readers if I stopped updating or put the story on hold.

Anyway, here I am with a very very good and happy news!

My Mate’s Choice actually went past the rank #400 and now standing at #386! I am super excited about it. Just last night I checked it and it was at #500 but the rank went higher when I woke up this morning.



Thank you so much everyone who has been reading and voting. I don’t get much comments but nonetheless, thank you so much for whatever that you have done to make my story stand up there at #386.

Also, my total votes is close to getting to 5000 and my Niall fan-fic is close to 100k reads. Words can’t explain my happiness and I’m just thankful to be here on this site. Thank you everybody ❤

My first ranked story.

I am so excited to do this post because… Wait, first of all, do you see anything cool or awesome in this picture below?



Well, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t see or spot anything cool or awesome, because right now, I’m gonna zoom it for you 😀



Yeah. you see that gorgeous people? My first Werewolf story is being ranked! I know the ranking is like over 600 but to me, it’s something so big that I’m gonna explode right now. None of my stories have been ranked before and now, My Mate’s Choice is 🙂

At first when I started writing My Mate’s Choice, I didn’t think it was gonna be a right choice because to be honest, I’m so bad at imagining things. Stories like werewolves and vampires are all our fantasies and it’s definitely one of mine. It’s gonna be so stupid to say this but look at where my fantasies brought me to right now. Pshhh, I know I’m still in my bed typing this but I feel so so so happy about this ranking.

I know it probably would only last for a tad or so but whilst it’s still been ranked, I just wanted to share it with all of you and I hope you guys are as happy for me 🙂

Ranked : Werewolf #652 on 2nd February.

my Recent updates/talks/rants.

I haven’t update the blog in forever. Sorry, I’ve been busy coping with schools and updating My Mate’s Choice and Long Distance at the same time. Also, I can’t resist reading the book I have in hand at the moment. In any case that you don’t know, you can call me a nerd because I literally can’t live without proper books. That is also why I haven’t been doing much reading on Wattpad and voting and commenting on other people’s stories. But hey, my effort do count in for updating the two stories that I still have hanging

Anyway, I think Long Distance is not having a good response? I guess people are lazy to read this story because I’m updating it too slowly. I can’t help it, not being able to find the time and I really hate to put my stories on hold. So I’m still trying…. you see? Urgh, whatever 😦 On the other hand, I see that My Mate’s Choice did get some response. When I first started doing planning for the story, I didn’t think I would get any response because most of my followers are directioners or I guess people of a fanclub. But I’m glad My Mate’s Choice received some votes and even though there isn’t much of a comment, I know I have readers for that story 🙂 Thank you people, I love you guys.

Now, I’m gonna go sidetrack from anything gotta do with Wattpad. I’m a little upset lately after reading the news that The Wanted was gonna take a break or rather split for a second or something along those lines. I mean, I get it that they are only taking a break for a while but it still upsets me. We wouldn’t know what would happen in between the times that they are taking their break. I didn’t realize that they have this big impact to me until I heard about this news. It’s just so sad. And I have my pieces ass of friends who mocked me because apparently my dearest TW is splitting. Seriously, they should just urghhhhh.


But nonetheless, I would still love them just as much or even more ❤